Bart Chin

Kokoro Design Lab

Founder and Creative Director

Bart creates work that is fresh, energetic and unique. He is known for his boundless positivity and zen like thoughtfulness.

While at Art Center he studied Product Design and creating human-centered experiences. This lead to an adventurous career improving how products, people and branding collide to create memorable environments.

When approaching any space he is a triple threat with his open-mindedness, all encompassing design skills and talent to make people feel good.

Inspirations: Nature, simplicity, yoga, surfing, wanderlust, creativity, community, and coaching others to discover their flow of life.

Kokoro is the Japanese word for unifying heart, spirit, and mind.

Noma Design & Company

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Bart collaborates with Kendall Ermshar & Team NOMA on 2-3 meaningful projects a year.